Mission Statement

The German American Club of Santa Monica, founded in 1951, is an apolitical, secular, social club, located in the city of Santa Monica, open to persons interested in German-American relations and its people.  Its purpose is to preserve, maintain and to promote German heritage, customs, culture and language, emphasizing and supporting the contributions German-Americans have been making to the development of the United States of America.  Individual(s) who are members of any organization subversive to the United States of America, or who are sympathetic to any government that advocates the downfall of the domestic way of life represented by the United States of America cannot become members of the German American Club of Santa Monica.

Current Board of Directors

6.c. 2019 Board.jpg

Front row: Andrea Fenninger, Secretary; Elke Hohls, Board Member; Gerry Vogt, President; William Huhnerkoch, Asst. Secretary-Treasurer; Hal Klobe, Vice President; Teri Claus, Board Member; Gabe Alvarez, Board Member.

Back row: Heinz Ziegler, Treasurer; Tony Prechter, Board Member; Steve Schwarting, Board Member; Marion Feller, Board Member.